Sunday, November 16, 2008


Hafa Adai!
I want to share an experience with you all that are preparing for the temple trip that I heard about. I went to the temple Yesterday I was not in the mood for it because I was just so hurt and having a hard time. but I went anyways and I am so thankful I did. Walking in those glass doors I knew I had to think about what my goals were and not to think of anything else but the Savior I started to cry I felt like I have been thinking I am journeying alone but actually I am not I am JOURNEYING with the Savior. I had tears in my eyes when a temple guy shared a short talk about remembering why we are in the temple doing this baptism for and he challege us to remember the names of the people we are doing the baptism for and I started to cry. I had felt that I am in a place where I had needed to be to help me forget about my trials and my worries and my sadness. But to think about the Savior I had a lot of tears drop lately and I am so thankful for the temple and How it can help us feel the comfort. I want to let you all know that really pay close attention to the Names and pray for them that they may expect it and come unto the Savior. I have been praying for the names that I did and I felt like they are thanking me for it and they are rejoicing with the Svior and our Heavenly Father. So thank you all and hope you all had a great experience.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

08 Youth Conference

Thanks everyone for participating in Youth Conference! I was really impressed by how unified the youth were.

Click here to see loads of photos from the weekend.

Monday, October 6, 2008

My advice to you young fellows!

As i got older.. college was coming to a close.. as you may have known the story i procrastinated... which is not a smart idea... As a senior in high school i was pressured by many leaders that loved me and wants my future to be brighten by going to college.. seriously i just let it run through my mind and not care.. i love them dearly but just didnt really want to think about it... i just didnt use my head much... last summer "07" i was advice to have a summer job.. to prepare for college and guess what i did.. stayed home! (not a smart move)
as i sat alone, i was starting to really think about my future (finally! said my instincts)... I decided to know that college was the next step in life.. i cant just stay home and be a couch potato.. When Sister Smith, was a young woman president... she had always put the first week of the month "a college night"! at first it wasnt so cool! i mean i didnt really want to think about college.. but it was the time of year that i needed this discussion... so i finally said, i think im going to pay attention to what sister smith said.. who knows i might learn something new.. and guess what i learned alot that i didnt know.. i didnt know i had to take the SAT i didnt know college was so expensive i just didnt know everything about college!! boy was i glad for college night! it continually to become a wonderful experience! when it was time to discuss the financial stuff pleh i was just not interested period! the only thing that was coming out of my mouth was "man why does college have to be so expensive".. so i sat there and whine! (not the smart move its not getting you any where) trust me!

as each child come home from school.. like Mallory, alexa, renae, tikla, and many others that i didnt mention had come home saying man college life is so fun i recommend you guys to go! seriously that really fired me up to go to school! so i decided to change my attitude and start looking up for the college i want to go to.. When i was younger.. i wanted to go to a church school.. and i said okay i can go to a church college if i let it happen.. so one night i sat down and fill out my application for the "BYU" education.. i even sat down to fill out Fasfa!! to be honest it wasnt fun! so after all of the hard work i turned it in.. and got accepted to BYUI..but the hard part wasnt over...

As the days goes by it was getting hard for me to leave the island due to financial problem.. i was going to school with no money in my pocket... so i was in desperate needs and needing a job! So i took the easier way out and took a class that would help me make money.. which was co-0p.. it was good experience but not enough.. at this time i truly regret to not take the advice that my leaders told me long time ago! i was short.. my plane ticket was 800 something.. thankfully my mom was kind enough to help me out on this one.. but i guess thats the last time shes ever going to help me when im in financially needed.. im really glad that was over :D

throughout this hard experience ive learned a valuable lesson and decided to listen to the councils of my leaders.. it may not be the words i wanted to hear but it was for my own good... just like prophet lehi... he had warn the people to repent or else jerusalem will be destroyed.. the prophet doesnt say stuff to annoy us, hurt us, etc they do it cuz they know whats best and they love you and want to protect you from any harm and dreadful things the world had turned out to become..

i have learned so much from my experience and here is my advice to all you guys.. Do not wait for the last minute to start saving up for college.. its highly recommended to start now! freshmen's, sophomore's, and juniors.. as for seniors i dont know.. i was there and didnt last long.. so guys dont wait do it now... i even had to leave home early to save up for college better..
Guys when you continue on after high school i guarantee you guys will love the opportunity that has been lay out for each of you! i have enjoyed every bit of it! Ive learn so much! its been really fun!! i really recommend you guys to save up as much as you can!! im jusa saying this cuz i love you guys and want you to know how amazing to experience the unexperience.. its fun! scary but its a new world out there! with your amazing testimony and spirit you are more likely to succeed!!

as for you future missionaries you deacons teachers and priest. You guys will soon be missionaries and is highly recommended to save now.. I also recommend you guys to hold your keys respectfully.. its sacred and is meant to be treassured as something really precious!! like a mother who cares for her newborn.. seriously guys when its not taken care of carefully it just destroy parts of you.. being a full time missionary is a blessing, a miracle, it would be the best two years of your life.. i myself am saving up for my mission. i have open an account and it said "mission fund" i was so excited.. cuz i myself am saving up for my mission and plus college.. its gives you a warm feeling! guys im serious! dont let this best two years of life go down the drain... i have met some folks here that has not serve their mission cuz of the mistakes they have.. continue to hold that key and keep it and take care of it!! love you guys!!

General Confrence Experience!

Hello Everyone!
As you all know being in Utah was the first time in my Life. The spirit on Saturday Session was Great. I enjoyed it Tiffany Smith a return Sister Missionary who served on Saipan and I went to Tikla's Place to watch conference. it was a really nice session I loved it. it had helped me realized that there are so many waiting to hear the word of the Lord. and can't wait to find the truth. I was so touch by it. Then after the Saturday Morning session we left Tikla's Place to go to Tiffany's place to get ready and head to the conference Center for the Afternoon Session it was a rainy day that day it was SOOO COLD too. I was freezing I didn't want to even take out my sweater. The afternoon Session fill my eyes with water. watching and listening in the conference center brought me to a big slap on the face because I have been really having a hard time but when the speakers speak i felt that the Lord was putting words into their mouth for me to hear. I am so greatful and glad I had the chance to come and listen and experience such a great excitement. Listening to the Primary sing was a great one I had such a great time with Tikla and Tiffany I hope to meet Joe and Taylor soon I can't wait. I am so glad I am here in Utah and have got to experience so much while I am here. I am now here at the Provo Libaray having a great time waiting for the Book store to be open. Anyways I really encourage you all to listen really closely to Saturday's session more because you will love it. Anyways I saw snow on the Mountains its so cool. I am excited for snow never felt it before and can't wait to feel it. Anyways I will put up pictures on my blog if you all want to see and on facebook too. take care

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jim Bell

Jim Bell is, thankfully, alive and well! Thanks for all of your prayers!

Jim was in the ocean for an unbelievable 26+ hours fighting intense currents. I can't imagine being isolated and exhausted in the ocean miles away from shore in the middle of the night. (Apparently, he was stung several times by the jellyfish who like to surface at night)

Later in the evening Saturday night, after no one had heard from him, they filed a missing persons report and sent a boat and helicopter out looking for him. Apparently, the helicopter's spotlight just missed him at one point. He wasn't discovered until 11am the next day, 2 miles NE of Tinian, and even after all he'd been through, he still refused to get in the boat, and he managed to swim the last 2 miles to shore.

We're so glad you're ok Jim!

Check out the Clawsons blog for more details:

Monday, September 29, 2008

Lovely Laurels

Monday, August 18, 2008

We'll miss you!

(Some of the youth at the airport to see Jenjen, Jennifer & Daniel off)

To all of the fabulous youth/single adults that are leaving us in the next couple of weeks, you will definitely be missed, but we know that you're going to move forward and continue to do great things!

For those of you who are no longer on island and are interested in where all of these amazing kids are going, here's the update (anyone feel free to correct me):

Alexander, Dido: Guam
Brown, Tikla: returning to BYU Provo
Caballa, Jeannie (Jenjen): BYU-HI
Lochabay, Caroline: University of Texas
Purevsuren, Erdenebileg: returning to BYU-HI
Smith, Taylor: BYU Provo
Villegas, Daniel: BYU-HI
Villegas, Jennifer: returning to BYU-HI

Vanessa (Colorado, then BYU-I) and Erwina (New Mexico) left earlier in the summer.

Thanks again for your great examples! Keep us posted.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Before I get started with the very exciting news the young single adult here in New Mexico had a confrence and it was a totally successful thing that I was able to attend and meet alot of people on the same age group as me. I meet alot of friends and alot of the people that were their are super friendly. I had such a blast with them somewhere really friendly and some were really funny and hyper and just so fun to hang with. on Friday I got ready and a friend Allen Roes picked me up and we went to it and it was a pool party up at the Unversity here in Scorro. Then later I meet Santana and she is such a funny girl along with Deigo, Matt, and Billy I guess he goes by Billy but people say his real name is William. But I am not sure about that. we had such a great time. Then I meet Serah who wanted to learn how to Dance Island dances and stuff which was funny. Then thats when we all started the activity we swam and eat and just had fun we played Marco Polo in the pool it was alot of fun. Then we walked to the Pond and we sat in the dark and sang really nice hymns and it made me cry because of of the hynms is if you could high to kolb ( I think thats how you spell it) but after that we went back to the pool and the rest went to their dorms to sleep I went home to sleep. the Next morning Allen picked me up again at 7:50am to go eat breakfast on campus then after breakfast we had devontional by Allen and then had games and sports like ultamiate freeze bee , Soccer, Basketball, Teniss and after we had Lunch after lunch we had classes and they were really awsome lessons I had learned. it was able the scripture of power and the other one was about Fear. Then we had time to chill out and have fun talking with each other I took alot of pictures of alot of people and after the rest had to go pack their things and we went back and had Dinner then we had a lesson on temple and the holyness in the temple. then later after that lessons we had testimony and it was really funny and cool and very spirtual. Then that was the end of the night everyone had to ride along way home I had to just go home and had a great night. I love it. it was an Awsome experience for me. thanks for reading pictures are coming soon.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Quilt Donation

With a lot of help from Christina Smith and a Relief Society Group in Utah, the Young Women were able to complete 25 beautiful island style quilts for the Hemodialysis Center.

It was sweet to walk through the current Dialysis Unit while some of the patients were being treated. I wish we would have stayed and chatted with them, but we were just walking through, quilts in hand, and while doing so we heard a soft but excited voice ask, "Are those for us?"

Thanks again to all of those who participated in the project. And a special thanks to Sis. Smith*

Click here to read the Saipan Tribune article. And here for the Mariana's Variety article that appears on their home page. Christina Smith wrote a great Press Release that was published in the Tribune, but the Variety made a little whoops and gave Cassie Nelson all of the unearned credit for Sis. Smith's quotes, but we do appreciate them taking the time to publish the articles. And thank you, whoever you are, for the really nice comment under the MV article:

"What a very generous gesture from the Latter-Day Saints youth! That's just what we need in this world. Random acts of kindness. :)"

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Singles' Tinian Trip

Terri & Kevan Clawson were a really big part of the Single Adult weekend in Tinian, and they've posted a great summary on their blog. Check it out!

Humanitarian Project

This is a reminder to all of the Young Women:

Mutual is bumped up to 2:00 p.m. this Wednesday. (We're still meeting at the church)

I know a lot of you will be working, but, we have to meet earlier in the day so we can deliver the quilts to the Dialysis Center before it closes so we're just happy to have anyone that can make it.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The day I had a hard time getting up!

This is the day I had to get ready for the Picnic we drove one hour I was a tiring ride especially when on Friday Nights and get so tired the next day. But I am so glad I got to tell the Boss that I don't want to work on Sundays because I want to keep the Sabbath day holy and He said Okay! you got Mon-Fri and Saturday and Sunday you are off...I was so Happy! I am Loving it.

Pictures for you all to see!!!

This Pony was a girl Name Jesse she was a very Nice gurl
I love the Hoarse. it was so pretty..
This is what a friend took picture of his from her ward and he was being gooofy..Funny!

There were Five cute looking puppies that were on the road so the Nickerbocker's brought

home with them after church!

This is when we played touch was a fun came

everyone was enjoying themselves

again here everyone seem to love coming to things like this...

Erwina Got a Job At BURGER KINGS!!!

Hey! Everyone
I am just letting you all know I got a Job at Burger Kings its a Fun Place to Work. I enjoy the people there because I just fit in pefectly and also My Boss is Funny too. I also started classes online and its been really a BIG challenge for me to Fit in and get use to NO WATER!!! or let me say ocean surrounding the places. I have been reading my scriptures and Now I am in Moroni Chapter 5. The ward here is alright I am getting used to it. But other then that I am always having the LOrd near me all the time and I have been coming closer to him every step of the way. I want to thank you all for that. I got to see rodeo shows and also got to go to stake picnic it was fun. and I met alot of people and new faces. I will put up pictures so you all can see. take care.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Single Adults

The Grotto

Nathan's Birthday

The singles always seem to be doing something fun ... For more photos of their adventures, click here.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Youth Photos

to check out some priceless pictures from this week's combined activity, click here

Friday, July 4, 2008




The temple was a great experience for me. I got to see the temple once I got down the plane. We stop and had some great pictures of me and Now we will be heading to the temple here for Baptism for the dead. I am so greatful for this great opportunity I get to have in Life. I just want to Thank those that are on Saipan for the time and experience you all have shared for me to follow and gain my own experience. Thank you. and God Bless.

Monday, June 30, 2008


Yokwe/ Hafa Adai!

Well, just emailing everyone and letting you all know I got in Safely to New Mexico and also to Arizona thats where I got down...well, let me start off with Saipan well, Woke up 5:00am got ready for the Long Flight..then I went to the Airport with my family I got there early so that I can check in and just hang out so thats what I did. When I was about to leave and go up to the plane My Mom and my oldest sister cryed and I walked up ooh yeah! I forgot to mention who came to the Airport it was christina carulla, sister.smith, Alexa conner, Sister. Conner, Dido and Tamara the rest were my family members. but thats was great I didn't want to cry at all but I cry alittle until i got on the plane I was about to cry when I sat down in front of four Japanese girls they started talking to me and asking me alot of question then one of the girls started to pray for her morning breakfast I was really amazed and she was like ooh me like to pray I go to Mormon church in Guam and I pray and I was like what are you doing here and she was like I go Japan...I started feeling really brave to go on the plane then next I got on the plane and left Saipan my beautiful home. I finally arrived in Japan and I was lost at first but then one guy helped me out and everything. then Next I on the plane again and went to Narita, Japan then go through the security check ...then got on another plane and went to Seattle WOW! I enjoyed it so much the people on the plane were nice people especially the people who work in the plane they are really friendly and cool the captian name was James a great nice guy and very friendly he ask me alot about the church and Man! seriously I don't remember what I said to him when I got out of the plane. I felt it was the Lord speaking for me I felt happy and execited...I love my was the best I ever had. I got down in Seattle and went to check of my stuff off and the guy on the counter ask me where I was from and I said from Marshall Island but I flew in from Saipan and he was like wow! long flight then I said yeah next thing he saw my hand and said my daughter has one of those reskband of the seven values and he was like are you from the Mormon church too I was like Yea! and he introduce himself his name is Kevin. then he was done really fast and then I was done then went to check my bags and then I got on the plane again and MAn!this guy wanted to talk about the church and I did talk to him about it what an experience that was...I finally got to Arizona and it was like burning HOT! like fire! then the Nickerbocker's picked me up and we went all around Arizona and Man! it was soo FUNNN!! we took alot of pictures... and then we had to camp out in Arizona because it was really getting late. so we did and that was alot FUNN too. I really enjoy it.finally we got home at 6:00pm and I called home and let them know I got in safely...okay! i will keep you all updated more on my Journey with the Lord!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Swimming Party

For all of the Young Women:

Don't forget your swimsuits and a towel for a fun party at the Browns to kick-off the summer!

6:30-8:00pm this Wed. (meet at the Browns).

Friday, June 20, 2008

Humanitarian Project

These pictures are all taken after the clean-up, but you get the idea. We ended up covering a lot more rooms than we thought we would, so we finished early. Brother Conner seemed to think it was a success!

Oh, and thanks to Brother Rider for the pizzas! (6 large and 3 medium :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Boyscout Blog

Hello everyone,

Thought you might be interested in the following blog:

The blog gives a good photo summary of scout camp, and has a lot of good pictures of the troop.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Congratulations Taylor!

Repeating History

James Bell, Photo by Jacqueline Hernandez

He made it! James Bell, a member of of our church, called "President Nelson" a couple of days ago to inform him that he wanted to celebrate his 70th birthday by swimming from Tinian to Saipan (completely alone). That's a 5 mile distance in pretty rough water. All we knew was that he'd done it once before almost 30 years ago, and it took about 12 hours, and everyone was really concerned that he wouldn't make it. As you can imagine, we were even more concerned this time. Amazingly, not only did he make it, but he made it in 4.5 hours! Wow.

Happy 70th Jim! Here's the Saipan Tribune Article.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wouldn't it be nice...

...if everyone had a great photographer in their ward/branch? Thanks again Del for these gorgeous pictures.

This time we had the Beehives, Mia Maids & Laurels, but we're missing almost half of them. Earlier in the day the youth had their school/seminary party at the World Resort water park so maybe they were all tuckered out from that.

A Night with the Stars

Big thanks to the dance committee for all of their hard work! I think everyone would agree that the decorations were beautiful, and the dance was a success!

Click here to see some photos from our "Night with the Stars".

New Branch Presidency

Matt Smith - 1st counselor, Eric Nelson - President, Eddie Tamayo - 2nd counselor

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Graduation for MHS and SSHS

MHS is on May 31 at the gym at 4:00PM
AND SSHS is May 30th at I don't know the time..but its at their school

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Graduation Schedule :)

I think we should post the high school graduation schedule up so that way we will all know when every one's grads are and that way we can go to all of them! :)

NMA graduation is Thursday, May 22 at 5:00PM at the SDA Auditorium (next to the eye and dental clinic).
SIS graduation is Saturday, May 24 at 6:30PM at the American Memorial Museum Theater (correct me if I'm wrong Caroline!).
Seminary graduation is June 1.

When are the SHS and MHS graduations?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

In Sports...

Huge congrats to all of the girls who participated in the Nat'l Marianas Cup game this past weekend! They tied the seemingly unbeatable foe (Guam).

Pictured: (front row) Madison & Rima, (back row) Elisa & Maryana

Here's the Saipan Tribune article if you want to read about the game. *Madison Smith got special mention!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Boy Scout Campout

This past weekend the boys went camping up on Mt. Tapochau.