Monday, August 18, 2008

We'll miss you!

(Some of the youth at the airport to see Jenjen, Jennifer & Daniel off)

To all of the fabulous youth/single adults that are leaving us in the next couple of weeks, you will definitely be missed, but we know that you're going to move forward and continue to do great things!

For those of you who are no longer on island and are interested in where all of these amazing kids are going, here's the update (anyone feel free to correct me):

Alexander, Dido: Guam
Brown, Tikla: returning to BYU Provo
Caballa, Jeannie (Jenjen): BYU-HI
Lochabay, Caroline: University of Texas
Purevsuren, Erdenebileg: returning to BYU-HI
Smith, Taylor: BYU Provo
Villegas, Daniel: BYU-HI
Villegas, Jennifer: returning to BYU-HI

Vanessa (Colorado, then BYU-I) and Erwina (New Mexico) left earlier in the summer.

Thanks again for your great examples! Keep us posted.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Provo girls! We're going to have to get together sometime, maybe during conference. (My husband's grandma lives right in Orem, so we'll be down your way.)

And to all of you, let's keep in touch!

Marshallese_Chick#07 said...

Hey! Mal I am going to be there for the Confrence In October thats what I was planning to do have a Saipan Night or day with everyone on Saipan and Maybe those who served on Saipan who wants to Join in..Hehe..Good Idea..have fun everyone

vaneyney said...

did everyone leave already? wow thats really sad how the 1990 youth are gone! aww! i love you guys!

vaneyney said...

who is Purevsuren, Erdenebileg??