Monday, June 30, 2008


Yokwe/ Hafa Adai!

Well, just emailing everyone and letting you all know I got in Safely to New Mexico and also to Arizona thats where I got down...well, let me start off with Saipan well, Woke up 5:00am got ready for the Long Flight..then I went to the Airport with my family I got there early so that I can check in and just hang out so thats what I did. When I was about to leave and go up to the plane My Mom and my oldest sister cryed and I walked up ooh yeah! I forgot to mention who came to the Airport it was christina carulla, sister.smith, Alexa conner, Sister. Conner, Dido and Tamara the rest were my family members. but thats was great I didn't want to cry at all but I cry alittle until i got on the plane I was about to cry when I sat down in front of four Japanese girls they started talking to me and asking me alot of question then one of the girls started to pray for her morning breakfast I was really amazed and she was like ooh me like to pray I go to Mormon church in Guam and I pray and I was like what are you doing here and she was like I go Japan...I started feeling really brave to go on the plane then next I got on the plane and left Saipan my beautiful home. I finally arrived in Japan and I was lost at first but then one guy helped me out and everything. then Next I on the plane again and went to Narita, Japan then go through the security check ...then got on another plane and went to Seattle WOW! I enjoyed it so much the people on the plane were nice people especially the people who work in the plane they are really friendly and cool the captian name was James a great nice guy and very friendly he ask me alot about the church and Man! seriously I don't remember what I said to him when I got out of the plane. I felt it was the Lord speaking for me I felt happy and execited...I love my was the best I ever had. I got down in Seattle and went to check of my stuff off and the guy on the counter ask me where I was from and I said from Marshall Island but I flew in from Saipan and he was like wow! long flight then I said yeah next thing he saw my hand and said my daughter has one of those reskband of the seven values and he was like are you from the Mormon church too I was like Yea! and he introduce himself his name is Kevin. then he was done really fast and then I was done then went to check my bags and then I got on the plane again and MAn!this guy wanted to talk about the church and I did talk to him about it what an experience that was...I finally got to Arizona and it was like burning HOT! like fire! then the Nickerbocker's picked me up and we went all around Arizona and Man! it was soo FUNNN!! we took alot of pictures... and then we had to camp out in Arizona because it was really getting late. so we did and that was alot FUNN too. I really enjoy it.finally we got home at 6:00pm and I called home and let them know I got in safely...okay! i will keep you all updated more on my Journey with the Lord!

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