Monday, October 6, 2008

General Confrence Experience!

Hello Everyone!
As you all know being in Utah was the first time in my Life. The spirit on Saturday Session was Great. I enjoyed it Tiffany Smith a return Sister Missionary who served on Saipan and I went to Tikla's Place to watch conference. it was a really nice session I loved it. it had helped me realized that there are so many waiting to hear the word of the Lord. and can't wait to find the truth. I was so touch by it. Then after the Saturday Morning session we left Tikla's Place to go to Tiffany's place to get ready and head to the conference Center for the Afternoon Session it was a rainy day that day it was SOOO COLD too. I was freezing I didn't want to even take out my sweater. The afternoon Session fill my eyes with water. watching and listening in the conference center brought me to a big slap on the face because I have been really having a hard time but when the speakers speak i felt that the Lord was putting words into their mouth for me to hear. I am so greatful and glad I had the chance to come and listen and experience such a great excitement. Listening to the Primary sing was a great one I had such a great time with Tikla and Tiffany I hope to meet Joe and Taylor soon I can't wait. I am so glad I am here in Utah and have got to experience so much while I am here. I am now here at the Provo Libaray having a great time waiting for the Book store to be open. Anyways I really encourage you all to listen really closely to Saturday's session more because you will love it. Anyways I saw snow on the Mountains its so cool. I am excited for snow never felt it before and can't wait to feel it. Anyways I will put up pictures on my blog if you all want to see and on facebook too. take care

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