Saturday, October 25, 2008

08 Youth Conference

Thanks everyone for participating in Youth Conference! I was really impressed by how unified the youth were.

Click here to see loads of photos from the weekend.

Monday, October 6, 2008

My advice to you young fellows!

As i got older.. college was coming to a close.. as you may have known the story i procrastinated... which is not a smart idea... As a senior in high school i was pressured by many leaders that loved me and wants my future to be brighten by going to college.. seriously i just let it run through my mind and not care.. i love them dearly but just didnt really want to think about it... i just didnt use my head much... last summer "07" i was advice to have a summer job.. to prepare for college and guess what i did.. stayed home! (not a smart move)
as i sat alone, i was starting to really think about my future (finally! said my instincts)... I decided to know that college was the next step in life.. i cant just stay home and be a couch potato.. When Sister Smith, was a young woman president... she had always put the first week of the month "a college night"! at first it wasnt so cool! i mean i didnt really want to think about college.. but it was the time of year that i needed this discussion... so i finally said, i think im going to pay attention to what sister smith said.. who knows i might learn something new.. and guess what i learned alot that i didnt know.. i didnt know i had to take the SAT i didnt know college was so expensive i just didnt know everything about college!! boy was i glad for college night! it continually to become a wonderful experience! when it was time to discuss the financial stuff pleh i was just not interested period! the only thing that was coming out of my mouth was "man why does college have to be so expensive".. so i sat there and whine! (not the smart move its not getting you any where) trust me!

as each child come home from school.. like Mallory, alexa, renae, tikla, and many others that i didnt mention had come home saying man college life is so fun i recommend you guys to go! seriously that really fired me up to go to school! so i decided to change my attitude and start looking up for the college i want to go to.. When i was younger.. i wanted to go to a church school.. and i said okay i can go to a church college if i let it happen.. so one night i sat down and fill out my application for the "BYU" education.. i even sat down to fill out Fasfa!! to be honest it wasnt fun! so after all of the hard work i turned it in.. and got accepted to BYUI..but the hard part wasnt over...

As the days goes by it was getting hard for me to leave the island due to financial problem.. i was going to school with no money in my pocket... so i was in desperate needs and needing a job! So i took the easier way out and took a class that would help me make money.. which was co-0p.. it was good experience but not enough.. at this time i truly regret to not take the advice that my leaders told me long time ago! i was short.. my plane ticket was 800 something.. thankfully my mom was kind enough to help me out on this one.. but i guess thats the last time shes ever going to help me when im in financially needed.. im really glad that was over :D

throughout this hard experience ive learned a valuable lesson and decided to listen to the councils of my leaders.. it may not be the words i wanted to hear but it was for my own good... just like prophet lehi... he had warn the people to repent or else jerusalem will be destroyed.. the prophet doesnt say stuff to annoy us, hurt us, etc they do it cuz they know whats best and they love you and want to protect you from any harm and dreadful things the world had turned out to become..

i have learned so much from my experience and here is my advice to all you guys.. Do not wait for the last minute to start saving up for college.. its highly recommended to start now! freshmen's, sophomore's, and juniors.. as for seniors i dont know.. i was there and didnt last long.. so guys dont wait do it now... i even had to leave home early to save up for college better..
Guys when you continue on after high school i guarantee you guys will love the opportunity that has been lay out for each of you! i have enjoyed every bit of it! Ive learn so much! its been really fun!! i really recommend you guys to save up as much as you can!! im jusa saying this cuz i love you guys and want you to know how amazing to experience the unexperience.. its fun! scary but its a new world out there! with your amazing testimony and spirit you are more likely to succeed!!

as for you future missionaries you deacons teachers and priest. You guys will soon be missionaries and is highly recommended to save now.. I also recommend you guys to hold your keys respectfully.. its sacred and is meant to be treassured as something really precious!! like a mother who cares for her newborn.. seriously guys when its not taken care of carefully it just destroy parts of you.. being a full time missionary is a blessing, a miracle, it would be the best two years of your life.. i myself am saving up for my mission. i have open an account and it said "mission fund" i was so excited.. cuz i myself am saving up for my mission and plus college.. its gives you a warm feeling! guys im serious! dont let this best two years of life go down the drain... i have met some folks here that has not serve their mission cuz of the mistakes they have.. continue to hold that key and keep it and take care of it!! love you guys!!

General Confrence Experience!

Hello Everyone!
As you all know being in Utah was the first time in my Life. The spirit on Saturday Session was Great. I enjoyed it Tiffany Smith a return Sister Missionary who served on Saipan and I went to Tikla's Place to watch conference. it was a really nice session I loved it. it had helped me realized that there are so many waiting to hear the word of the Lord. and can't wait to find the truth. I was so touch by it. Then after the Saturday Morning session we left Tikla's Place to go to Tiffany's place to get ready and head to the conference Center for the Afternoon Session it was a rainy day that day it was SOOO COLD too. I was freezing I didn't want to even take out my sweater. The afternoon Session fill my eyes with water. watching and listening in the conference center brought me to a big slap on the face because I have been really having a hard time but when the speakers speak i felt that the Lord was putting words into their mouth for me to hear. I am so greatful and glad I had the chance to come and listen and experience such a great excitement. Listening to the Primary sing was a great one I had such a great time with Tikla and Tiffany I hope to meet Joe and Taylor soon I can't wait. I am so glad I am here in Utah and have got to experience so much while I am here. I am now here at the Provo Libaray having a great time waiting for the Book store to be open. Anyways I really encourage you all to listen really closely to Saturday's session more because you will love it. Anyways I saw snow on the Mountains its so cool. I am excited for snow never felt it before and can't wait to feel it. Anyways I will put up pictures on my blog if you all want to see and on facebook too. take care

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jim Bell

Jim Bell is, thankfully, alive and well! Thanks for all of your prayers!

Jim was in the ocean for an unbelievable 26+ hours fighting intense currents. I can't imagine being isolated and exhausted in the ocean miles away from shore in the middle of the night. (Apparently, he was stung several times by the jellyfish who like to surface at night)

Later in the evening Saturday night, after no one had heard from him, they filed a missing persons report and sent a boat and helicopter out looking for him. Apparently, the helicopter's spotlight just missed him at one point. He wasn't discovered until 11am the next day, 2 miles NE of Tinian, and even after all he'd been through, he still refused to get in the boat, and he managed to swim the last 2 miles to shore.

We're so glad you're ok Jim!

Check out the Clawsons blog for more details: