Saturday, August 2, 2008


Before I get started with the very exciting news the young single adult here in New Mexico had a confrence and it was a totally successful thing that I was able to attend and meet alot of people on the same age group as me. I meet alot of friends and alot of the people that were their are super friendly. I had such a blast with them somewhere really friendly and some were really funny and hyper and just so fun to hang with. on Friday I got ready and a friend Allen Roes picked me up and we went to it and it was a pool party up at the Unversity here in Scorro. Then later I meet Santana and she is such a funny girl along with Deigo, Matt, and Billy I guess he goes by Billy but people say his real name is William. But I am not sure about that. we had such a great time. Then I meet Serah who wanted to learn how to Dance Island dances and stuff which was funny. Then thats when we all started the activity we swam and eat and just had fun we played Marco Polo in the pool it was alot of fun. Then we walked to the Pond and we sat in the dark and sang really nice hymns and it made me cry because of of the hynms is if you could high to kolb ( I think thats how you spell it) but after that we went back to the pool and the rest went to their dorms to sleep I went home to sleep. the Next morning Allen picked me up again at 7:50am to go eat breakfast on campus then after breakfast we had devontional by Allen and then had games and sports like ultamiate freeze bee , Soccer, Basketball, Teniss and after we had Lunch after lunch we had classes and they were really awsome lessons I had learned. it was able the scripture of power and the other one was about Fear. Then we had time to chill out and have fun talking with each other I took alot of pictures of alot of people and after the rest had to go pack their things and we went back and had Dinner then we had a lesson on temple and the holyness in the temple. then later after that lessons we had testimony and it was really funny and cool and very spirtual. Then that was the end of the night everyone had to ride along way home I had to just go home and had a great night. I love it. it was an Awsome experience for me. thanks for reading pictures are coming soon.

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