Sunday, November 16, 2008


Hafa Adai!
I want to share an experience with you all that are preparing for the temple trip that I heard about. I went to the temple Yesterday I was not in the mood for it because I was just so hurt and having a hard time. but I went anyways and I am so thankful I did. Walking in those glass doors I knew I had to think about what my goals were and not to think of anything else but the Savior I started to cry I felt like I have been thinking I am journeying alone but actually I am not I am JOURNEYING with the Savior. I had tears in my eyes when a temple guy shared a short talk about remembering why we are in the temple doing this baptism for and he challege us to remember the names of the people we are doing the baptism for and I started to cry. I had felt that I am in a place where I had needed to be to help me forget about my trials and my worries and my sadness. But to think about the Savior I had a lot of tears drop lately and I am so thankful for the temple and How it can help us feel the comfort. I want to let you all know that really pay close attention to the Names and pray for them that they may expect it and come unto the Savior. I have been praying for the names that I did and I felt like they are thanking me for it and they are rejoicing with the Svior and our Heavenly Father. So thank you all and hope you all had a great experience.

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