Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Your turn!

Ok folks, why is Sis. Nelson the only one posting on the blog? We want to hear from all of you!

Plus, the pictures are a little unbalanced toward the Mia Maids since they were my class so if you want to "represent" then please add a post.

Until then, here's one more of the lovely Mia Maids (who I'm going to miss terribly). Thanks again for being gracious enough to volunteer and take these awesome photos Pres. Benson.


taylor said...

mia maids are the cutest, so i think having a thousand pictures of them are just fine. hehe.

tori said...


Saipan Branch said...

Ooh wow!! Miamaids are famous!! Since ever since!! Like HELLO!>?? where would they be without us. :) hahah well this blog totally rocks and itll soon rock with all the miamaid info. And sister nelson!!! We are so going to miss you!!