Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Beginnings - Steadfast & Immovable

New Beginnings was absolutely beautiful! Especially for me since I'm relatively new to Saipan and have never in my life experienced anything quite like it. The music we used was by Jenny Phillips who I'd actually never heard of, but I'm very impressed with. Whether you have a young daughter or not, you should really give her music a listen.

Caroline and the girls worked so hard to make the music/program spectacular, and I think everyone there would agree that they were touched by it in some way.

Sister Smith and Sister Solis put together the beautiful decorations! And Sister Brown made the delicious star-shaped refreshments.

Singing Happy Birthday to Sis. Smith!

Kim, Madison, Maryana, Rima, Elisa

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joan said...

Hi's great to see these pictures. it's been 9 years since i left saipan..i miss Saipan a lot..regards to everyone.