Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fear Factor!

Fear was definitely NOT a factor for these girls! I was so impressed with them; they were great sports and made this activity a lot of fun! For more photos, check out the Picasa Album.

Marshmallow Maiden - the girls had to drop ketchup dipped marshmallows into each others mouths

I don't think Lakell liked the "dog food" (ie. spreadable spam)

Fizzy Duel - They taped alka seltzer tablets to their foreheads and then dueled it out with water guns!

Mustache Mayhem!

"Something Fishy"

This wasn't part of the challenge, but Kristina actually ate the little semi-thawed fish!
For this challenge the girls had to carry the fish from pt A to pt B with the fish in their mouth & flippers on their feet.

Alphabet Soup Spelling B. Tori got double points for not only spelling out her name but also a YW value!
Toe Jam - Lakell's picking up clothes pins with her toes in the slime!

Sour sip!

Cheeto Face - poor Erwina kept getting cheetos in the eye!


& after "Mustache Mayhem"


vaneyney said...

oh my goodness! this was so fun! i regret doing the fish thingy! i throw up after i put the fish down... ugh! that was so disgusting i hate it! but oh well! we had so much fun!

Anonymous said...

The fun factor looked pretty scary! I feel sorry for whoever had to clean it up, lol! If the guys had something like that it would probably cause vomiting. Hey, am I the first guy to publish something here? Yeah, I would have made a huge entrance with a post, but I don't know how to log in. Take care young wo_men!

Marshallese_Chick#07 said...

OOOOh Daniel!!! my brother No worry its for all the Saipan People actually its all for anyone from Saipan.