Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rock'n' Roll Valentine Dance

These are very low quality pictures, and there's not a lot, so if someone else has some pictures of the dance please post them too. :P It was a great dance considering the last minute-ness of it.
I wish it wasn't blurry, :)

You can't really tell, but at this moment Jacob is killing the pinata.

Skylar with Leona:
check out the dancing skills!

No comment.

singing into roses

?!?! weirdness!

The chaperones.


Cassandra said...

Thanks for posting these pictures (whoever you are). It looks like the Browns are much cooler chaperones than Eric and I - they actually dance!

taylor said...

i love that one of tori and vanessa. weird but cool.
and whoever decorated, man, they did a fabulous job! ;]