Thursday, January 1, 2009


What an excitement it is to me to start a New Year with New Year resolutions that has been in the year 2008 as come to an end. The New 2009 Resolution has come to Pass. Many have been saying that 2009 will be the continuation of 2008 because of the many hardships and many world wide Situation but it has accrued to me that Many are losing Faith in Starting a New Year,a New Life, a new world , a new nation. What as happen to that? does everyone realized that the World can be a better world when we all work together to built it up? As anyone ever thought about that? Do we want to have the Same thing that happen in the year 2008? or do we want to stand up and make the world a better place? make your chose its you that can change the world not the world can change you. I have come to realized through the election of 2008 the world has becoming to an end for so many But, As you think about the Many issues that has been happening as either of you have been wanting to change that? I am sitting here typing this and I am in need of help to change it. I can't change the world alone I need you all. The World is in need of you All do you think it will be a better way to safe our nation, our people, our animals, and our World that we live in? So What is your Chose? THINK, PRAY,PONDER, and last act on it.thanks for listening and reading this

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