Monday, March 17, 2008


I found this poem for all the Saipan Youth and wanted to share with you all in this blog because I finally realized how much I have grown to love each one of the Youth here On Saipan. I hope you all Enjoy the Poem:

My Light
By: Unknown

You are the light in my darkness,my shelter in a storm. You give me strength when I am weak,and your love to keep me warm.
When I was hurting,lost,and abused it was then your faith that I had used. When I was cold, depressed and alone, I stayed alive by your love only.
When I felt pushed or stunned away, it was then your friendship that made me stay. When I was sick and felt like dying, I knew your loved me by your crying. I knew you loved me knew you cared,you did what no one else had dared.
you listened to my thoughts and fears,and helped me wipe my tears. you helped me learn, respect,and love, to pray to God my lord above you're the light in my darkness, I hope you'll see, I'll love uoy Saipan Youth for enernity.

I hope you all Enjoy this peom I change the part at the end to make you all know you are all the best youth make sure you all LOve, Learn and grow though the examples you show others. ALWAYS STAND FOR TRUTH AND RIGHTEOUSNESS...

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taylor said...

awesome poem erwina! =]