Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Good Luck!

I just wanted to wish all the Young Women good luck with girls camp! I know this is only a-once-a-year thing for y'all, and I can tell that a lot of you are really excited. I'm excited because I'm thinking this might be the one year I will get to see pictures from girls camp; since they will most likely be posted on this site. I look forward to hearing how things go!


tori said...

hey, does anyone know when we're going to watch our lovely girls camp slideshow? (is there one? is there going to be one? should i help out? am i on the slideshow commitee? haha!)

Cassandra said...

Hey Tori,

Erwina & Maryana are in charge of the photos & slideshow, and the Camp Celebration is April 9th.

I'm sure they'd be happy to get any help they can. I actually made a quick slideshow of the photos I have last night so I'll probably save that to a USB and hand it over on Wednesday so they can do whatever they want with it.

That's actually why I haven't posted any of the camp photos on the blog (so there's at least some element of surprise for the Camp Celebration).

Maybe if you have any photos or ideas you can share them with Erwina and Maryana, either at mutual on Wednesday or via email.